The Advantages of RENU Management

Maintaining a rental property is a hard job that requires a continual investment of time and energy. Tackling the day-to-day challenges of keeping rental properties properly serviced isn’t for every private property owner. For owners who would like to hire help with these details, a property management company is a great solution.

Scout Properties has partnered with RENU Management as our preferred property management company. They are a talented team that is prepared to handle all of your property management needs, whether a single rental home or a large portfolio of properties across the region. You can sit back and reap the benefits of your investment while RENU takes care of business.

Here are several of the many advantages for using RENU:

Advantages for Homeowners

  • 19-day Average to Fill Vacancy
  • Less than 1% Eviction Rate
  • 82% Renewal Rate

Advantages for Agents

  • Up to $750 referral incentive
  • We keep your name on file with the client, so they stay with you in the event they’d like to purchase a home in the future

RENU Management helps investors maximize their rental revenue, avoid costly mistakes, and minimize inefficiencies through their rigorously trained staff, transparent reporting with 24/7 access, centralized accounting, efficient and reliable maintenance, decreased vacancy rates, strict credit screening, and quick management of delinquent payments and evictions. With RENU, you’ll get a full-service, first class solution for your rental properties and the tenants in them!

For agents, there’s no limits to how much you can earn. If your client decides to rent their home, RENU will manage it and return it to you to sell if that time comes. RENU encourages agents to stay in touch with the owners and promises to flag the property with your name so that you can be ready to sell when the client is ready to sell. For each referral, you can earn up to $750!

Ready to find out more? You can reach out to Ashley Smith at RENU Management at 615-585-4086 or for a no-cost, no pressure analysis and/or quote.

5 of Nashville’s Trendiest Neighborhoods


Once considered mostly a business district, Midtown has seen the arrival of residents with some high rises like The Rhythm and Adelicia that give the area a new feel. Residents of midtown are walking distance to great local nightlife, live music and trendy dining options. Life in Midtown truly puts you in the center of it all. Some places around midtown you should try out are Gigi’s Cupcakes, The Tin Roof, Losers and Winners, Rebar, Chuy’s, Patterson House, Hattie B’s, and Tavern.

East Nashville

Home to many different lifestyles, East Nashville provides a tight-knit community for everyone from the creative type to young families. It is not uncommon to walk down the sidewalk in East Nashville and pass multiple people that you know, yet it is also becoming one of Nashville’s fastest-growing food and drink scenes. Some go-to places in East Nashville include Rosepepper, The Pharmacy, 3 Crow Bar, Red Door, and Eastland Cafe.

The Gulch 

The Gulch is one of the fastest growing areas in Nashville and keeping up with plans for new developments is almost impossible to do, as new plans are being made weekly. And we’re hearing about new developments almost weekly. The convenience is worth every penny of the high residential cost, with the constant growth of dining, retail, and entertainment venues.

12th South

Much like East Nashville, this area is popular for both families and creative types. The possibilities of what a quick stroll down the street could take you to are endless: Tuesday farmer’s market in Sevier Park; distinct architecture; stylish shops and restaurants. And for a nice afternoon treat, head to the city’s best popsicles at Las Paletas. 

Sylvan Park

Close to hospitals, good schools, and easy access to interstates, it also boasts a lineup of fun, family friendly restaurants and one of the city’s most well-appointed community centers. Its streets are usually bustling with runners and walkers on their way to the convenient trails of the greenway or for a round at the McCabe Golf Course. You can dine at Local Taco or head on over to Neighbors for a beer after work. 

Do-able DIY

While Pinterest has its fair share of ideas for fun and easy DIY projects, we see Pinterest Fails all too often– renovations that are hard to execute, crafts that have poor instructions, and art projects that just don’t turn out the way you want them to.

We scoured the site to find three easy, little-to-no assembly required undertakings that won’t look kitschy, crafty, or out of place in your home.

1. Mount wine crates to the wall and use as shelving.

Add touches of color that will help them blend into your room’s decor more easily.


2. Add hooks to an empty frame to create a sophisticated key rack.

We love this idea! Functional and simple.


3. Lean a ladder up against the wall to create a blanket holder.

We love the rustic touch this ladder brings to the room!


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Listing of the Week

This week on the blog, we’re featuring one of our current listings. This 3-bedroom, 2-bath home has hardwood floors throughout, that gorgeous covered back porch in the picture above, a 3-car garage, granite countertops, and a huge bonus room. At 1449 Station Four Lane in Old Hickory, it’s located in a wonderful neighborhood with great schools nearby! Peruse the pictures of this property below, or check out for more!scoutnashville1scoutnashville2scoutnashville3scoutnashville4scoutnashville5scoutnashville6scoutnashville6scoutnashville7scoutnashville8scoutnashville10scoutnashville11

More About Scout


Here at Scout, we know that selling a home isn’t as easy as it used to be. So why would we cling to outdated real estate practices? Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty of classic old-school techniques that are tried and true, but when it comes time to sell your house, there are some new, fresh methods we use that other companies don’t. We embrace the old while keeping up with the new. Simply put, at Scout Nashville we like to have our cake and eat it, too. (We also love to rhyme.)

When you sell your house with Scout, we market your home via our systematic marketing plan. It’s our goal to leverage the trusted relationship we build with you to accomplish this goal in an engaging, service driven, value-adding way. We know how much this generation esteems transparent communication, and we aim to give you just that- we’ll provide you with status updates on your property weekly as well as guide you through every step of buying or selling your home.

As a company, we’re all about core values, while simultaneously working with upcoming non-profits to set new industry standards of giving back. As members of the National Association of Realtors and Next nominees, we’re certified Realtors that have been recognized by Nashville as up-and-coming.

Here on the blog, we’ll share everything from the real estate news you need to know, to household DIY projects and our personal flea market finds. You can expect one of these posts once a week so that we can continuously engage with our amazing Nashville community. So keep reading! We look forward to connecting with you.

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7 Easy steps to buying a home

Here at Scout we like to make buying a home streamlined and fun for all of our clients!  It is easy to become overwhelmed so we have created a Step by Step Guide on what to expect.

 Step 1.

We sit down with each client for a Buyer Consultation.  During the consultation we set up an online MLS search campaign based on the criteria they are looking for in a home.  We call this advance profiling. Read More

Find the Right Place to Live in Nashville Based on your Lifestyle

We are so glad that you are considering moving to the beautiful, booming city of Nashville! When moving to a new city, the main concern on everyoneʼs mind is “Where am I going to live?”

Well here in Nashville you have a wide range of options that are guaranteed to suit your style, taste and budget.

Here is a list of the most popular neighborhoods that make up this great city.

1. 12th South

This neighborhood is packed full of fun restaurants, parks and recreational activities. Many young, hip families and young adults move here to enjoy a chill nightlife with a great city vibe. From the coffee shops to the popsicle shop, this neighborhood will definitely impress! Read More

Nashville Chamber West – With Jonathan Harris and Scout Team

The Scout Team has the honor to speak at the monthly Nashville Chamber West meeting in Green Hills. Jonathan Harris spent some time sharing about the local real estate market in Middle Tennessee. Jonathan also shared who Scout is and the direction we’re heading. Read More

Man’s best friends ride sidecar

The dog days of summer are among us! As a real estate agent, you never know what you’ll see while you drive around town. Jonathan Harris, founder of Scout Properties, LLC. came upon this foursome.

You never know what you’ll see while driving around Nashville!


Man's best friends ride sidecar

Scout and Friends at Arrington Vineyards

The Scout team joined past clients and current clients of Scout out at Arrington Vineyards for a night of excellent food & wine and great conversations!

Here are some photos from the recent event at Arrington: