Meet MacKenzie Strawn Hyde Realtor

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Helping people find their place in the city has been a passion and dream come true for MacKenzie for the last decade. Born and raised by parents who remodeled and flipped homes all around Nashville, she has enjoyed watching this once small town flourish into the "it" city. After graduating from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), she knew real estate school was naturally the next step.

While she has done it all, including on-site sales for new construction homes and luxury condominiums, MacKenzie's knack for renovating existing homes and painting the potential picture gets her clients excited. Her gift for truly hearing peoples needs and wants, all while fully engulfing herself in the process to ensure that expectations are exceeded, is a very valuable and sought-after trait in this industry.

In MacKenzie's spare time, this fun-loving, full of personality gal enjoys being with her husband, Phil, and daughter Emme. Beach travels, yummy cuisine and new relationships keeps her going.